Battle of Chancellorsville & Daily Life of Common Soldier.

September  1st to 4th 2016

Camp     We would like to invite you to our next main international event - Battle of Chancellorsville & Daily Life of Common Soldier.

Download invitation in PDF

What you can look forward to

  • Uniformly build tent camps on both fighting side
  • Authentic day of a soldier in field camp 
  • Field post and letters from home
  • Distribution of hard-tack and authentic looking blank ammunition (10 shots for each man)

Arms, ammunition and safety

  • Weapons are restricted according to the laws of Czech Republic
  • We recommend to bring 60 rounds of ammunition per soldier
  • Using ramrods and bayonets during the battle is prohibited for safety reasons
  • Using plugs for cannon shooting is prohibited; cannon rounds can be wrapped only in foil

How should we look?

  • Non-authentic outfit (e.g. Indian, trapper, cowboy) is prohibited
  • Please, try to avoid uncommon uniforms (e.g. zouave, cavalry), which look disruptive in normal infantry companies; whole units in such uniforms are welcome
  • Union infantrymen should wear standard equipment including sky blue trousers, dark blue sack-coat or frock-coat, black leather equipment, canteen, black haversack and forage cap (as typical headgear in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War)
  • Soldiers should be prepared for full marching order (with knapsack or blanket roll)
  • Camp equipment and cooking utensils need to look authentic - no Ikea stools etc.
  • Number of regimental colors will be limited

Other equipment

  • Both Union and Confederate troops should use standard A-tents

Let's create authentic experience

  • Visible modern items such as plastic bags or cigarettes are prohibited
  • Use your cell phone only in privacy
  • Follow basic military etiquette: salute to officers etc.
  • We recommend you to bring along items such as play cards, dice, bibles, authentic press copies etc.

Event schedule

To be announced

Organisation information

  • arrival possible from September 1st
  • water, toilets, fire wood and straw provided.

Participation fee

  • soldiers paying in advance along with sending the form: 13 €
  • soldiers paying at the spot: 17 €
  • civilians in authentic clothing: 4 €
  • children up to the age of 15: free
  • send the payment (together for whole units if possible) on the following bank account: international transfers: 7491434594IBAN: DE76600501017491434594BIC (SWIFT):SOLADEST BW Bank, Stuttgart

Registration form

  • download registration form (PDF or DOC)
  • send the forms on e-mail address
  • We would apprecaite if you send the registration forms until the end of June


Re-enactment will take place near village Arnoltice (near to Frýdlant close to German and Poland borders) in Czech Republic. 50°57'06.5"N 15°06'20.1"E